Aigin Larki, RCC

Aigin Larki
Aigin Larki

Education and Experience

  • Masters in Clinic Counselling- UBC
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology- UBC
  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

My approach is flexible and varies depending on individual needs. One thing that is consistence in each session is a supportive environment centered on mutual respect.

I believe we all posses an innate drive towards wellness regardless of how discouraged or lost we may be feeling.

I also believe that negative or difficulty circumstances can veer our innate and genuine drive off course.

My intention as therapist is to support clients in gaining a better understanding of their own unique drive, as well as the real and imagined barriers that have held them back. I am an emotion focused and solution oriented therapist. I employ interventions such as focusing, cognitive behavioural therapy and hypnotherapy to help clients gain greater insight and understanding of themselves, their relationships, as well as their past and current circumstances. In my experience, such insights often translate into focused behavioural changes and greater emotional wellbeing.

I feel privileged to do this type of work and love supporting the positive changes I see in my clients.

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