Four Week Sugar Detox

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Sugar is found in almost all foods, either naturally or artificially. A diet that is high in sugar is usually low in nutrition. Excess sugar produces a wide variety of problems within the body including low energy, acne, hypothyroidism, mood swings, chronic inflammation, insulin resistance and Diabetes, and even hormone imbalances including high estrogen and low testosterone. For many, high sugar intake IS the underlying cause of their health concerns and discomforts. 

Reset your body’s metabolism with this sugar detox program. Feel the energy you thought you never had, more positive moods and so much more.    


  • Anyone!  Regardless of your age, even your current health, a sugar detox can benefit you!


  • Gradual and Easy


Gradually eliminate more foods each week.

  • Week 1 – sugary drinks & refined carbohydrates

  • Week 2 – bread, pastas, rice

  • Week 3 – condiments
  • Week 4 – eliminate everything for 1 week

Program includes:

  • One 60 minute naturopathic consultation

  • Four Weekly 15 minute naturopathic check-up sessions

  • Easy, Delicious Recipes to Enjoy

  • Suggested Meal Plans

  • Tips to Curb your Cravings

For just $360


  • Acupuncture $90   $80
  • Stress Management Supplement $30-$50 – varies depending on particular supplement

  • Infrared Sauna Sessions $30 each – 30 minute sessions, recommended two sessions per week

  • Emotional Detox 

    • our eating habits are often are intimately tied with our emotions and ability to deal with stress.  Empower yourself by learning strategies for dealing with all your sugar eating triggers.  Learn how to resolve conflicts, set healthy boundaries and to say no to toxic relationships.  Learn permanent, effective stress management techniques.   
    • Upgrading from Four 15 minute check-ins to Four 45 minute Subsequent Visits
      • These subsequent visits may vary from individual to individual, depending on goals, and may include guided meditations, counselling, affirmations, acupuncture,
    • Bach Flower Questionnaire Analysis and Remedy
    • Additional $300